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Grassy Narrows First Nation greets Ontario lumber firm’s decision

, The Star

EACOM Timber Corp., one of Ontario's biggest lumber companies, won’t use wood from Grassy Narrows First Nation Territory, a week before logging plan takes effect


One of the biggest lumber companies in Ontario says it will not use wood from Grassy Narrows First Nation territory, just a week before a controversial new 10-year logging plan comes into effect.

EACOM Timber Corporation said Monday that it will avoid wood fibre from the reserve.

It owns six sawmills in the province.

David Sone, an environmentalist with Earthroots, called it a victory for the people of the reserve.

“If even logging companies are willing to respect Grassy Narrows’ right to say no to logging, then why won’t Ontario stop trying to force clearcuts on the community,” said Sone, adding that if companies don’t buy the wood, the plan is bound to fail.

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