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There are less than 500 Algonquin wolves left and they need your voice! Take action by Wednesday February 14th.

 Photo: Eastern Wolf Survey


Help strengthen the Recovery Strategy for Algonquin wolves by submitting a personalized comment here.


This population of Algonquin wolves is so small and patchily distributed that it is under serious threat from hunting, trapping, hybridization with coyotes, and vehicle collisions. Where hunting and trapping have been banned, packs return to family-based structure, hybridization is reduced, and direct killing is virtually eliminated.

Currently, the draft Recovery Strategy only outlines a recovery zone that is less than 1/2 of the area scientists outlined around all known Algonquin wolves. In order to survive and eventually thrive, these wolves need to be fully protected from hunting and trapping across their entire range.


Your voice will make a difference - take a stand for Algonquin wolves now!