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The Ancient Pine Wilderness of Temagami: Our Heritage, Our Legacy

Sunset Paddle                          Photo: Hap Wilson


Featuring Hap Wilson (Earthroots co-founder, author, adventurer), and Gord Miller (Earthroots Chair, former Environmental Commissioner of Ontario).

Join us on November 8th to learn about the importance of Temagami's endangered ancient pine forests, the history of the battle to protect them, and the threats that ongoing logging and climate change pose to the future of this world-renowned wilderness region.

Urbanspace Gallery, 401 Richmond Street West, Toronto - 7:00 to 9:00 PM

Tickets are available here through Eventbrite ($12).


Hap WilsonTemagami, the Fight to Protect Wilderness - Hap Wilson

Hap Wilson has published more than a dozen books and has travelled more than 60,000 km across wild Canada. Hap first roamed Temagami's wilderness in 1968 and as a teenager he began learning about the disturbing truths behind the vanishing wild spaces and the industrial intrusion that knows no bounds. Hap has experienced and lived through a half-century of environmental controversy and action to protect one of Canada's most precious wilderness ecosystems, Temagami. This unique region in northern Ontario is steeped in local history and prehistory dating back 6,000 years. Hap will talk about the birth of the environmental movement in Ontario as it relates to Temagami, elaborate on the pitfalls, victories, and the vision of protecting a world-class wilderness.



The Future of Temagami's Ancient Pine Forests - Gord Miller

Gord Miller is an ecologist and environmental policy analyist. He served three five year terms as Ontario’s Environmental Commissioner, overseeing and critically evaluating government decision-making on the environment, climate change and energy conservation. Gord will discuss how ancient pines continue to be "sustainably" harvested using shelterwood management, and how we simply cannot plan to "grow" 400-year-old replacement trees or ecosystems. While it is true that a small percentage of this once vast forest finds sanctuary in protected areas, we were reminded how tenuous this refuge is when large stands of old growth were lost in fires in Temagami and Lady Evelyn-Smoothwater Provincial Park this summer. Climate change has changed the game for forest management. If we are to have ancient pine forests as an ecological heritage for future generations, we must respond with much different and far more sophisticated forest management.



Local beer from GoodLot Farmstead Brewing Co. and light fare from Vert Catering will be served.

We are extremely grateful for the generosity of our two local, sustainable sponsors!

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