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Temagami's ancient pine forests and roadless wilderness areas are under threat. We need your voice to help protect them!

                                                    Photo: Hap Wilson


Temagami is internationally renowned for its old-growth red and white pine forests. Only one percent of these ancient forests are left worldwide, and more than half of what remains is located in Temagami. 

The Draft Temagami Forest Managment Plan is calling for another 10 years of logging and road building, opening up remote wilderness areas and further eroding the ecology of this unique region in northern Ontario. 

Failure to fully protect Temagami has made it the site of one of Ontario's most intense and persistent environmental conflicts. It's time to create new protected areas in the Temagami region and boost the resilience of the forest in the face climate change.

Comments are due by Tuesday, December 11th - take action here now!