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Stop Ontario's War on Wolves!


Our moose are in trouble. The Ontario government wants wolves and coyotes to pay the price for declining populations even though their own science shows that a war on wolves won't help moose. 

Our wildlife needs your voice now! Click here to send your comments to the key decision-makers.

Deadline is this Thursday (September 26th).


The Progressive Conservatives are re-considering a proposal abandoned by the previous government after it was outed as being unscientific and unethical. If passed, the hunting of both wolves and coyotes will be liberalized across northern Ontario.

This proposal includes:

  • The elimination of a special game seal that hunters currently have to purchase to kill wolves and coyotes.
  • The elimination of reporting requirements which will make the limit of 2 wolf kills per hunter per year unenforceable.
  • Unlimited killing of coyotes, including pups, virtually year-round.

Moose are under serious threat from habitat loss and climate change, and require ecosystem based management that prioritizes their needs. These proposed changes aren’t designed to help moose, they are designed to persecute predators. 

The government listened to us last time we urged them to abandon a similar proposal. Together we can ensure that our wildlife species receive better protection in our province.