Protecting Wilderness, Wildlife and Watersheds

Earthroots has been on the front lines of wilderness conservation since 1986 when our predecessor organization, the Temagami Wilderness Society (TWS), was formed.  The TWS was created to fight for the preservation of rare old-growth white and red pine forests in the Temagami region of northern Ontario.  After campaign success in Temagami, the organization changed its name to Earthroots in 1991 and broadened the mandate beyond the Temagami issue.

Earthroots is a strong advocate and agitator for wilderness preservation in Ontario, combining aggressive grassroots campaign strategies with excellent research and educational programs.  Earthroots works in Coalition with other conservation organizations, coordinating strategies to move issues forward.  Our campaigns are carefully chosen and planned to ensure that wilderness protection is achieved without compromise.  Earthroots uses many techniques to gain increased protection for Ontario's wild spaces and the wildlife that live in them; these include public education and mobilization, advocacy, primary and secondary research, media awareness, and peaceful activism.  We have found that using all these tools together is an effective approach to achieving real results on the ground.

Earthroots' current campaigns areas focus on:

  • Temagami / Ancient Red and White Pine Ecosystems
  • Northern Forests
  • Parks and Protected Areas
  • Southern Ontario Greenspaces
  • Wildlife - Wolves, Woodland Caribou, Double-crested Cormorants


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