Lake Superior’s Pristine Coastline in Jeopardy

Wawa, Ontario - Local environmental advocates have been fighting a proposed quarry on the north eastern shore of Lake Superior for nearly a decade.  The quarry, which will provide no more than 15 seasonal jobs to local citizens, will decimate a section of Superior’s coast that is part of a 300 km stretch of untouched coastline.   The proponent of the project, a Michigan-based construction company, hopes to send material from the quarry across the great lake to provide highway building material.  This section of coastline provides essential habitat to the endangered Peregrine Falcon, and  refuge for threatened Woodland Caribou.

"It is a real shame,” explains Carly Armstrong Earthroots Forest Campaigner and Wawa resident.  “The proposed site is on an unbelievably gorgeous stretch of coast that is regularly used by locals and tourists alike for the breath-taking hiking and paddling opportunities it offers.”  The Citizens Concerned for Michipocoten Bay (CCMB), a local group that has been fighting to save this precious section of coastline, will see this controversial matter appear before the Ontario Municipal Board.  But as the nearly-decade long struggle comes to a critical juncture, the group says their funds are low and there are some concerns about the coming months.  

Yet, locals remain positive.  The CCMB are entering the court battle armed with experts and lawyers to champion the cause.  There are very few benefits that this project would bring to the community.  Yet, there is a wide range of potential detriments including loss in tourism dollars, ecosystem impacts, effects on species at risk, among others.  Clearly, approving this project would be terribly short-sighted.  Please visit the CCMB’s website at for more information on the struggle and what you can do to help!