Happy Earth Day

Earthroots has some friendly suggestions for meaningful actions that can be taken to celebrate Earth Day!

1)  Send a letter to the Premier asking her to protect Temagami's ancient red and white pine forests from logging.  Click here to visit Earthroots' action centre.

2)  Support Grassy Narrows in their fight to protect their traditional territory from clearcut logging.  Click here to visit the action centre on freegrassy.net.

3)  If you are in downtown Toronto on Wednesday afternoon, drop by the Earth Day Fair at 401 Richmond.  Meet Earthroots staff and other representatives from the building who are doing great work to protect our environment.  Click here for more info.

4)  Celebrate this special occasion by contributing to Earthroots and our ongoing work to protect wilderness, wildlife and watersheds across Ontario by clicking here.

5)  Start an Earth Day tradition!

* Share a local meal with friends and family
* Walk or bike to work
* Plant a tree
* Start seeds for a backyard garden
* Go for a local hike
* Properly dispose of hazardous household waste
* Replace a square meter of your lawn with ground cover
* Put up a bird feeder or bird box

6)  Spread the word by passing this information on to your friends and family!