KI First Nation Says “No” to De Beers Exploration

At the end of last year, KI First Nation informed De Beers that the community will not allow exploration by the multinational mining industry giant on KI lands.  In September 2010, less than 9 months after KI blockades forced Platinex to surrender its claims, De Beers wrote this remote fly in community proposing “to carry out exploration for diamonds in an area to the north of the community of Big Trout Lake (KI),” an area 600 kilometers north of Thunder Bay, Ontario.  The proposed area of interest is directly adjacent to the KI reserve and covers much of KI territory.

“I cannot overemphasize the real clear danger that my people see when confronted by the threat of mining activity on our territory,” explained Chief Donny Morris. “KI stopped the Platinex exploration in our territory because it would have destroyed the watershed that our people depend on.”

Earthroots is supporting KI led efforts to continue protecting KI lands and watersheds.