Minister forced to intervene in Grassy Narrows road dispute.

Grassroots women from Grassy Narrows are blocking a bush road to keep Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) enforcement officers out.  The community is repairing a bridge that became impassible after the MNR abandoned road repairs when logging was stopped in the area.  The road is used daily by Grassy Narrows members to access blue berries, wild rice, and medicine picking areas, as well as other traditional activities on their traditional territory.  The road is also the only alternate route out of the community during wild fires, floods, and other emergencies.  For years the government had said they will only allow the road to be repaired if the community agrees to logging on the territory, and workers were threatened with a $10,000 fine and the seizing of their machinery.  But under increasing pressure and public scrutiny the Minister has been forced to step in to try and resolve the dispute.  Minister Jeffery has committed to complete the repairs at the MNR's expense, and to refrain from pressing any charges.

Earthroots is supporting Grassy Narrows in their fight to end clearcutting on their traditional territory, seek justice for ongoing mercury poisoning, and restore community control over their traditional territory.

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