Wolf Lake: World's Largest Old-Growth Red Pine Forest Under Threat

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Temagami's Wolf Lake region contains the largest old-growth red pine forest in the world.  Towering red pines - some close to 300 years old - quartz cliffs, and sparkling blue lakes dominate the landscape.  Old-growth red pine ecosystems are considered endangered as they now currently exist on a mere 1.2% of their former range.  This unique forest is currently threatened by mining.

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The MNR has finally listened to the public and recently announced that Wolf Lake's Forest Reserve will remain in place.  The next much bigger step will be to permanently protect Wolf Lake from all industry forever.

Click here to watch the Save Wolf Lake video.

A new video from Dr. Jane Goodall - Save Wolf Lake!

The recently formed Wolf Lake Coalition is a growing group of organizations and green businesses working together to permanently protect Wolf Lake.  Visit the website here.

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