Grassy Narrows comments on appeals court ruling against Treaty rights


"I am very disappointed that the appeal court has ruled against protecting our Treaty rights from destructive clearcut logging," said Joseph Fobister, a Grassy Narrows trapper who initiated the legal action.  "What meaning can our right to hunt and fish have when the courts allow Ontario to clearcut our forests and poison our fish with mercury?"

“Our community has suffered for too long from the impacts of industry imposed on our people,” said Joseph Fobister*, one of the Grassy Narrows trappers who initiated the legal action.  “We cannot allow industry to further damage our way of life and our health by poisoning our water and destroying the forests that we depend on.”

“It is time for Ontario to finally stop wasting time and money trying to force damaging clearcut logging on our community, and to begin the process of reconciliation by respecting our Treaty and aboriginal rights as we defend our forest-based way of life,” said Grassy Narrows Chief Fobister.

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