Grassy Narrows River Run 2014

Join Grassy Narrows families and their supporters as they walk in Toronto for clean water and Indigenous rights.
July 31st, 12:00 PM. Walk starts at Grange Park, Toronto.

The people of Grassy Narrows have sustained themselves for thousands of years on their traditional territory – 6,500 square kilometres of boreal forest, lakes and rivers. Clearcut logging, mining, hydro damming, relocation, and mercury poisoning continue to threaten their way of life. Join Grassy Narrows families and their supporters in Toronto this July.


Urban Growth and The Greenbelt

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Another year of conservation victories awaits!

Earthroots Year in Review

Wolf Lake, the world's largest old-growth red pine forest.  Photo: Rob Nelson

2013 Campaign Highlights

20,000+ views of new Save Wolf Lake video.  Wolf Lake area claims begin to expire for the first time in 14 years, including most Matagamassi Lake claims and some within the old growth.

Toronto Star editorial supports Earthroots' stance against old growth logging in Temagami.  Earthroots brings together a coalition of conservation organizations and local camps to oppose the proposed logging plan for Temagami.
Supreme Court to hear Grassy Narrows' challenge over logging.  2,000+ people take action online in opposition to Ontario's new plan to log Grassy Narrows.  
400 people attend Tools for Change workshops to develop their skills within the movement for social and environmental justice.
Over 250 people attend the first Managing Large-Scale Fill Symposium.  The threats that commercial fill poses to southern Ontario's greenspaces and drinking water are brought into the public eye.
We are coming to the end of yet another busy year at Earthroots - together with our partners we made some significant achievements.  Our steadfast campaigning wouldn't have been possible without the help of dedicated supporters and like you!  Thank you for making this year a great success.


Supreme Court to hear Grassy Narrows’ challenge over logging

Published in The Globe and Mail


The Supreme Court of Canada has agreed to hear a challenge to the Ontario government’s right to permit industrial logging on the traditional lands of the Grassy Narrows First Nation.

The First Nation appealed after Ontario’s highest court ruled in March that the province has the right to “take up” treaty land for forestry and mining.

The northwestern Ontario First Nation has spent nearly 15 years in court fighting the province’s decision to issue a licence for clear-cut operations in parts of the Keewatin portion of Treaty 3 territory.

Read the full article here.